House hunting tips to make the process easy

house hunting

Purchasing a home is a decision that will affect your lifestyle and finances for a long time. This is why you have to ensure you make the right purchase. Nothing is worth missing out on your dream home and you don’t have to spend extra money to get the home of your dreams

These steps will help you find the perfect home fast and easy

The first steps is to get a pre-approval letter

The process of tracking a home might seem exiting but can be useless and disappointing when you do not have a specific budget. If you plan on paying for the home with mortgage and have no idea what type of loan you qualify for then the whole house hunting process is just a waste of time.

Getting a preapproval letter will give you an idea of how much you qualify for and what lenders are willing to provide you with the loan.  It also shows that you qualify to purchase a home at that point in time. Keep in mind that the amount of money a lender pre-approves does not necessarily mean you should go for a house that expensive.

Where do you want to live?

The location of your dream home is everything. the neighbourhood and social amenities in that area will play a role in your decision making. For instance, if you have children you obviously want to look for a home that is near a school, children’s parks and more. Also, check the distance of the commute, grocery shops and their ease of access.

Also, consider the neighbourhood size and its growth rate before you purchase a home in a specific location. are you looking for a quiet suburban location or a place with a little more urbanisation? Check out different neighbourhoods to get a feel of where you want your home to be.

What must you have in your dream home?

Everyone obviously has an idea of what their dream home should be like. Write down a list of the amenities and features you want to have in your home before you start the house hunting. List all the features of the must haves including the yard size, number of bedrooms, the general condition, style of the home and the general size.  Dismiss the features you can compromise on or get a fix in the future.

Check out pre-market home listings and go to open houses

Even when you have no plans to purchase your dream home sooner, it is always a great idea to check out current homes in the market. Thanks to advanced digital technology, you can attend open houses at the comfort of your home. social media sites like Instagram and YouTube allow realtors to showcase real time and recorded videos of open houses.

Also, check out websites online that have home listings of the areas where you wish to purchase your home. you can get a variety of photos and details of the homes and this will make your home purchasing process easier in the future.

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