Canvas prints décor for your new home

How you decorate your home says a lot about your personality, so while owning a home is a major milestone in life, equipping it with the right furniture and soft furnishings is the next biggest challenge. Each of the rooms in your home are for different purposes and will require different pieces of furniture, so to alter the distinctive nature of the different rooms, you could try to link the spaces with similar accent colors or combinations of colors.

Making your new house feel like home is not the easiest thing to do and you might even lack ideas on the various soft furnishings or art that you can use to strictly personalize your space. Our suggestion, therefore, is to invest in things like plants, photos, and canvas prints; the latter seems like the best option because homeowners can dedicate a wall to grow their family portraits.

How to enhance your new home with canvas

The whole idea of decorating your home is to make it comfortable for you, and there are many ways that you can use canvas to achieve comfort. Many people nowadays have, therefore, moved a bit from the small canvas portrait and are now incorporating full wall art in their living rooms, bedroom, or kitchen. You can, therefore, use the 3D canvas wall art that has incorporated either patterns or the life-like images of a street, the forest, the ocean, or your favorite site around the world.

The three-dimensional wall design as you can see from above creates the illusion of more space, and the optical illusion is that depth is given to the design. Additionally, you can see it is almost hard to distinguish the above image from reality.

Canvas print for your new bedroom

The fact that you still have your mattress on the floor does not mean that your bedroom cannot be spruced up a bit. Remember just like you will be spending a lot of time in your living room, the same will also apply to the bedroom as you retreat to relax. Canvas artwork is the best piece that you can use to make your bedroom more welcoming.

So for this option, you might want to utilize the wall above your mattress or the one that is opposite your bed. You can, therefore, invest in abstract pieces that have incorporated soothing tones and colors.

Canvas print ideas for the bathroom

Incorporating art in the bathroom will definitely seem awkward but in a good way, because the only décor in most bathrooms are the mirrors and the stylish lighting fixtures of course with the beautiful sinks. Bathroom canvas pieces have some structure and placement logistics, you will, therefore, have to place canvas prints in areas where you would have had the window and should ensure that enough air flows in and out of the bathroom to prevent humidity build-up that might easily destroy the canvas prints.

Ensure also that your canvas pieces feature serene or calming images, play around with the prints that you have prepared, and here you could use two same images and as you put them on the wall, just flip one and put them over your bathtub or on the wall right above the toilet.

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